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Second Life

Second Life

"We need
a new ecology
of actions and

Standing in a circle

The Circle of Harmony, which marked a new cycle in the brand's history, has now been enriched with its latest chapter. Today we are going to stand in a circle, side by side, sharing our common values. We need to understand how to reinvent ourselves, to breathe new life into our lives. In order to redesign the unique style of Natuzzi Italia even more clearly, we listened to who we are, combining it with the ideas of designers who then translated it into surprising new creations.

Finding a new Harmony

We all need to start again, each from our own perspective, but aiming to achieve a shared sense of harmony. Let’s approach a new ecology by acting different and feeling different. A first requirement of this commitment is to make our pieces live a series of second lives, to reduce our impact on the planet. Designing timeless lines and shapes distinguished by beauty and visual comfort, pieces that follow our long-standing manufacturing tradition that makes quality its mission By presenting fewer collections and with a greater awareness.

Second circular lives

A second life also for our deepest DNA, for our style that seeks to come back to life again in new contemporary interpretations. A second life for our materials, and for waste, ennobled through modern transformation processes into breathing life into new materials that create both stylistic and ecological value.

by Marcel Wanders studio

Like the first inhabitant of that ancestral perfect Earth, ADAM is the name of the furniture collection that Natuzzi has created in collaboration with the Marcel Wanders studio.

Bringing the human being back to the centre of the universe and its design, in a primordial Circle of Harmony. And recounting the close relationship that has always bound us to nature, to our origins and therefore to our land. This is the guiding thought. Once again, this partnership with the Marcel Wanders studio aligns value and purpose.

by Marcantonio

Rewrite the relationship between man and natureTerra by Marcantonio representing the need to rethink the world of furniture.

The interior of the product is largely composed of an alternative to polystyrene produced from corn, while the upholstery is made of totally natural fabric.

new concept store
by Fabio Novembre

Puglia is the realm of light. Sunlight reflected in the eyes and souls of people with radiant personalities. Puglia is the place of conviviality: its timeless rituals, its festivities in the piazza, its hospitality. A place to enjoy the true taste and intense bonds of friendship.
In the Natuzzi showroom, designed by Studio Novembre, we wanted to celebrate life in harmony. 
This dream comes true in Palazzo Durini, in the heart of Milan, along a path that knows no boundaries, between the sky and the olive trees, on a single horizon of harmony.

Art feeds new lives
Germogli by Marcantonio

Starting from the idea of rebirth and to emphasize the close bond that now more than ever connects us with our environment, Marcantonio envisaged transforming one of Milan’s finest courtyards into a fairytale world where from the floor (or rather, from the soil), sprout giant olive shoots. Germogli is a tribute to the rebirth of nature. 
With its huge golden leaves sprouting from the floor, the art installation turns the spotlight onto the Xylella epidemic, which is plaguing olive trees across Apulia and threatens to ruin harvests all around the Mediterranean. 
In order to provide support for research, the artist conceptualized the idea of giving a second life to dying olive trees affected by Xylella.
A striking installation in the courtyard of Palazzo Durini Caproni, home to the Natuzzi brand's Milan showroom.

the exhibition

The tragic Xylella epidemic that has been infesting the Apulian olive trees in recent years, killing millions of specimens, affected by rapid drying, is the theme of the photographic exibition by Giampaolo Sgura.
The project brings the spotlight on the epidemic, still little known in Italy and the world, and to give concrete support to research.
Sgura captures the beauty, strength and energy in 3 iconic images of ancient Apulian olive trees. He fixes in our memory a landscape in danger of disappearing forever. And with it a part of Mediterranean history and culture.
During the Design Week it will be possible to buy 3 photographs by Giampaolo Sgura - each shot available also in a limited edition - and the proceeds will be donated to the Save The Olives association, the first NGO to have activated awareness and fundraising projects to support scientific research against xylella.
His work will be displayed in the main atrium of the new Natuzzi Italia flagship store in Milan, in the central via Durini 24.

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