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designed in Italy by Claudio Bellini

A touch of elegance

New Saturno's contemporary pared-back design boasts harmoniously sleek curves which create an incredibly visually striking effect. All the prowess of Italian workmanship is embodied in one detail: the hand-applied ragging-paint finish which accentuates the sheer beauty of the wood combined with an elegant satin-finish glass top for a timeless feel.
Natuzzi editorial - A touch of elegance

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  • Preset default image - NEW SATURNO Dinig table

    NEW SATURNO Dinig table

    cm W 100 x H 74 x D 200

  • Preset default image - NEW SATURNO Dining table

    NEW SATURNO Dining table

    cm W 100 x H 74 x D 200

Claudio Bellini

Claudio Bellini lives and works in Milan, the city of design. As a child he already had a strong interest in creativity, through the work of his father Mario Bellini, a distinguished figure in Italian design. Claudio Bellini evolved as a famed designer, but he kept his curiosity that allows him to be enthusiastic about every phase of design process. He has an open-minded attitude, combined with a peculiar sensibility for different culture and historical heritage.

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