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New Collection 2023

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Comfort is more precious than ever

Colle by BIG — Bjarke Ingels Group

Colle draws inspiration from the first Natuzzi models recognised worldwide for their soft and hospitable style.
It's a key feature of this model that harmoniously portrays the relaxation typical of the Mediterranean life.
The seat and back cushions lie gently, in an informal and comfortable way.
An additional cushion rests on the side structure and becomes an armrest soft that increases the surface area for lounging. The design is distinguished by the pleasant "wrinkles" that are created on the upholstery, which enhance the softness of the design and enhance the sense of comfort visual that the entire collection wants to communicate.

Natuzzi editorial - Colle by BIG — Bjarke Ingels Group

Coffee Table

Tempio by Fabio Novembre

An unexpected coffee table that easily becomes the absolute centerpiece of spaces.
Just like a modern Parthenon, Tempio dominates the scene and like a precious sculptural complement, proudly displays all its grandeur and elegance.
And just like the ancient Greek structures, the pure geometric forms that define it, give rise to an object of timeless architectural aesthetics.

Natuzzi editorial - Tempio by Fabio Novembre


Radice by Sebastiano Tosi

A modular wood and metal system designed to be versatile, light and adaptable to different needs and spaces.
Its metal elements, which descend vertically throughout the bookcase, look like many roots of one big tree, firmly anchored in the ground and dispensing wisdom, thanks to its branches that will contain pages and pages of knowledge.
A modular system that knows no limits to its versatility.

Natuzzi editorial - Radice by Sebastiano Tosi

An ode to spontaneity

Melody by Simone Bonanni

There are ideas that are born from subtraction, simplification and spontaneity. Their essence comes to life from the materials they are made of and the air that surrounds them. Here, between matter and space, takes shape Melody, the new modular sofa designed for Natuzzi Italia by Simone Bonanni Studio. With its pure and reassuring silhouette, Melody infuses an effect of relaxing calm and encloses anyone who sits down as if in a comforting embrace.

Natuzzi editorial - Melody by Simone Bonanni


Germoglio by Marcantonio

The lamp is a tribute to the rebirth of nature, it seems to come straight out of the pages of a fairy tale and, as in any self-respecting fairy tale, it also has a moral: the bond between man and nature is more important today than ever, and it is worth safeguarding the planet in order to always have small shoots of rebirth.

Natuzzi editorial - Germoglio by Marcantonio

A never ending wellbeing

Splash by Enrique Martí

Splash is about stopping time, that moment of rest in which absolutely nothing happens but gives us a moment of great well-being. As if one presses the pause button at the precise moment when a drop of water falls on a surface and jumps; this creates curved upward arms, as if enveloping or embracing those who sit on it. Essential lines and simple volumes follow one another to ensure a feeling of relaxation and continuous envelopment that refers to the movement of water, source for all life and symbol of the strong bond that has always united man and nature.

Natuzzi editorial - Splash by Enrique Martí

A never ending relax

Wellbe by Natuzzi Design Center

The quintessence of design in the service of relaxation, a hymn to joy, a shout that rips through the din of modern life for the benefit of physical and mental well-being.
Natuzzi design and comfort technology combine in “triple-motion” functions, enveloping design and a lot of details all conceived to give rest to every single part of the body. Wellbe brings the value of Natuzzi research and development to every living area.

Natuzzi editorial - Wellbe by Natuzzi Design Center


Uragano by Natuzzi Design Center

Uragano is a dining table that pays homage to the beauty and natural richness of the Apulian territory. The large oval-shaped glass plate is supported by a majestic olive wood base, which seems to develop in space like the trunk of a centuries-old olive tree that starts from the earth and its strong roots and grows upward to benefit from the sun and breeze that give color to Puglia.
Uragano almost seems to wrap itself in its own support, and thus creates an asymmetrical effect that makes the dining table a moving sculpture. The imposing dimensions make Uragano the ideal complement for all those who love the conviviality typical of the Mediterranean.

Natuzzi editorial - Uragano by Natuzzi Design Center
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