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Dual Power

Baltimora is inspired by the clean and defined forms of architecture that houses the National Aquarium, the most iconic and recognizable building of this great seaside city. The structure of the buildings makes the overall image extremely modern, treasure trove of a magical world to immerse yourself in. This linearity makes the Baltimora sofa a contemporary classic, perfectly at ease in any type of living, and the cleanliness of the back allows you to place it even in the middle of the room.

Natuzzi editorial - Dual Power
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All the comfort of a contemporary classic

Its cozy seats hide a Dual Power motion recliner with separately adjustable headrest and footrest - operated by a push-button on the outside of the armrest, which in the armless seats is covered in leather and can be hidden between the seats. If the recliner function is activated, the headrest rises automatically to give maximum support to the head, and soon after the seat tilts and the footrest opens. In the fixed version, the headrest is manually adjustable.

Natuzzi editorial - All the comfort of a contemporary classic

Everything to improve versatility

Available in leather or fabric, in more than 100 colours. Wooden framed feet which develop throughout the depth of the armrest - in walnut or wengè finishing.

Natuzzi editorial - Everything to improve versatility

Natuzzi Design Center

Natuzzi ha decidido llevar su idea de armonía también al mundo de los interiores, jugando entre la estética contemporánea y la funcionalidad. Imaginar nuevas formas y colores, plasmarlos sobre el papel con un boceto y luego transformarlos en algo concreto: todo esto es el Centro de Diseño de Natuzzi.

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La tapicería está disponible en una amplia gama de telas y pieles.

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