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designed in Italy by Mauro Lipparini

Aerodynamic lines

The needs of contemporary living and of versatile furnishings find expression in the Feudo coffee table, a constructive combination of simple and sculptural geometric shapes. The top is a disc, while the base is composed of two symmetrically superimposed truncated cones.
Natuzzi editorial - Aerodynamic lines

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  • Preset default image - FEUDO Coffee table

    FEUDO Coffee table

    cm W 105 x H 40 x D 105

    HUF 1,001,700

  • Preset default image - FEUDO Coffee table

    FEUDO Coffee table

    cm W 105 x H 40 x D 105

    HUF 1,123,700

Pure cubism

Shapes reminiscent of the analytical and pure cubism, of the theatrical expressiveness of the Bauhaus and of the plastic dynamism of the futurism, made up of bright sounds and percussion that evokes speed and aerodynamic lines. The circular movement of the large disc top, hinged on the central screw-trunk of the base, allows the top to be isometrically lowered and raised to find the desired height.
Natuzzi editorial - Pure cubism

Mauro Lipparini

Lipparini is an eclectic architect and designer who expresses his creativity in all areas: complex industrial projects, interior architecture, installations, study of products. He is one of the leading figures of "Italian minimalism", internationally successful, and his talent earned him many recognitions. Recognized in competitions around the world such as the Good Design® Global Awards.

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