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designed in Italy by Marcantonio

An embrace with our land

Terra means Earth and right from its name we wanted to emphasise the close bond that binds it to it. A soft, enveloping forms, a padded piece with its flexible identity and compact dimensions, the nature and warmth of the Apulian countryside: Terra by Marcantonio reflects the need for a more sensitive approach to the use of materials and processes in a planet-friendly manner.
Natuzzi editorial - An embrace with our land

Biobased materials and eco-friendly coatings

The interior of the product has no structures or frames, being made of an alternative to polystyrene produced from wheat, while the upholstery is made of a natural fabric. Marcantonio once again brings his research into the world of Natuzzi Italia: his constant attention to the relationship between man and nature, which characterizes his works, manifests in a new declination, that extends to the different stages in the production of a furniture item.
Natuzzi editorial - Biobased materials and
eco-friendly coatings
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His personality and work are both a fusion of a love for art and one-of-a-kind pieces; his design objects are meant to be part of an everyday household and their dual nature is bound by his utterly free creative thinking. With a strong sense of humour, a love of nature and his own personal vision of contemporary design, he has produced pieces of work that have already become modern icons.

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This is our entire collection of leather and fabric coverings. Availability may vary by location and product. Please check with your nearest store for the most current options for your chosen product.

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