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Designer and artist/illustrator

Product designer and artist, born in the 1983, Elena Salmistraro lives and works in Milan. Graduated first in Fashion design and successively in Product Design from Polytechnic University of Milan in 2008, together with her husband, the architect Angelo Stoli she founded her own studio in 2009, where she has been working on architectural and design projects. She works as a designer and artist/illustrator for the leading companies in the creative industry. ,

Highly distinctive style

Besides, she collaborates with prestigious Art and Design Galleries, such as Dilmos, Rossana Orlandi, Camp Design Gallery, Subalterno1 and Secondome. She is the creator of a highly distinctive style that is unique in its type, and she is interested in the development of a work that crosses between illustration, design and visual arts, through which she tends to define a highly energetic communicative code that stimulates emotions and sensitivity. ,

tradition and innovation

The interplay of shapes and volumes, materials and colours merge between tradition and innovation. One of the priorities of her creations is the attention to detail and the harmonic study of shapes searched in anthropomorphism.

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