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A world leading high performance seating design studio.

Based in New Zealand the studio has been designing furniture and developing its design philosophy for more than five decades. &,nbsp,From humble beginnings in the 1950s as a small scale manufacturer of steel furniture, Formway has become a studio with many years of research and design experience.

innovative globally successful products

Key to this philosophy is research into human behavior and the discovery of unmet needs. Formway Design combines a rigorous design process, sensitivity to aesthetics and passion for the environment to develop products that fulfill these needs. This has culminated in a portfolio of innovative globally successful products.

the world's first 'performance recliner

Formway Design has been awarded numerous design awards and products are included in permanent collections of design museums throughout the world. Formway Designs current portfolio includes the world's first 'performance recliner, Natuzzi Re-Vive.

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