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He research constantly blurs the boundaries between art and design

Marcantonio lives and works in Cesena, Italy. His personality and work are both a fusion of a love for art and one-of-a-kind pieces, his design objects are meant to be part of an everyday household and their dual nature is bound by his utterly free creative thinking. With a strong sense of humour, a love of nature and his own personal vision of contemporary design, he has produced pieces
of work that have already become modern icons.

Art and design fusion

Marcantonio sees in them the concept of “impure”,  ,rossedfertilised and playful creativity which ensues from the constant intermingling of the most varied sectors, from pop-art culture to storytales and from primitive art to comic strips, where the differences have their own intrinsic worth and are in contrast with the concept of design purity. ,

“Design teaches us to draw, but it is from art that we learn how to have ideas.”

This is why Pasquale Junior Natuzzi “challenged” Marcantonio and his creative mind for this co-venture with the brand, involving him in a project which is, on the one hand, almost an impossible feat and, on the other, the best way to bring out that marvellous inner world which transpires from each artist/designer’s work, imbuing it
with an unmistakeable unique feel.

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