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An eclectic architect and designer who expresses his creativity in all areas.

Lipparini graduated in Florence in 1980 and chose Italy as the ideal place for his research and work. He is one of the leading figures of "Italian minimalism", internationally successful, and his talent earned him many recognitions. ,
From studiolo to bottega to factory, showroom, and the world beyond, Studio Lipparini realizes the vision of its eponym. The designer, he insists, must be “the one who is never satisfied for long with what is, with what has been done, and so pushes ahead continuously toward what can be.”

“I believe evolution is the one true, indispensable constant of good design.”

In keeping with the Renaissance idiom, Lipparini maintains remarkably close, hands-on relationships with the studio’s clients, some of whom have been commissioning work for two decades or more and whose word of mouth suffices for most of the studio’s promotional efforts. As part of this tradition, Studio Lipparini is renowned for customer service at a level of individuality largely lost to the modern world. Despite the breadth and intensity of the studio’s work, Lipparini himself is ultimately the author, the sole signatory of everything that emerges from both studiolo and bottega.

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With clients all across Europe and Asia, and a reputation for painstaking precision in every detail to uphold, the daily responsibilities of running Studio Lipparini’s operations and communications are enormous, many of them borne by its managing director and lone non-Italian, Michelle Richter. While her experience in marketing as well as design and production supervision, and her background as a classical cellist she also adds crucial fuel to its one-of-a-kind creative energy.

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