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Extraordinary comfort

A visionary sofa that transcends the ordinary. Mindful is inspired by the harmony of body movement, a masterpiece that redefines the art of relaxation.

Natuzzi editorial - Extraordinary comfort

Inspired by nature

Drawing inspiration from the graceful ebb and flow of the natural world, Mindful has been meticulously crafted with a multi-action mechanism that mirrors the gentle rhythm of breath and heartbeat. Our designers and engineers have meticulously crafted a game changing sofa that for the first time combines in a single product all the latest innovations in motion technology. It’s characterized by a contemporary design and envelops you in a cocoon of serenity, fostering a profound sense of well-being.

Natuzzi editorial - Inspired by nature

Crafted for relaxation

Mindful is the ultimate expression of Comfortness, the only sofa that with its innovative mechanism enables four special functions: 365, Micromobility, Zero Gravity and Triple Motion.


  • Triple motion tilting mechanism with independent control for headrest, lumbar support and footrest for a personalized comfort,
  • Zero Gravity function that elevates the legs above the heart for more efficient blood flow,
  • Micro-Mobility function that through a cycle of imperceptible movements activates muscles even when resting,
  • Active “365” seat system specifically designed to facilitate the achievement of a heart coherence state in which breathing and heartbeat are synchronized.
Natuzzi editorial - Crafted for relaxation

Mindful complements

A stunning collection of furniture designed to complement the sophisticated lines of Mindful sofa. This ensemble features a coffee table with a convenient lift-up top, a sleek side table, perfect for adding a touch of sophistication and a stylish in-between seats side table, seamlessly integrating with your seating arrangement while providing a chic table top.

Natuzzi editorial - Mindful complements

Surprising versatility

Also available without recliners. Versions without recliners have manual adjustable headrests. Modular sofa available in linear and sectional versions with 45’ Corner, Chaise Longue and round shaped terminal.

Natuzzi editorial - Surprising versatility

Comfortness & Wellness

Introducing Comfortness, an innovative collection that brings together Comfort + Wellness as a new way of understanding living space not only from a physical perspective but a visual and mental one too. Comfortness is redefining what it means to live in comfort.

Natuzzi editorial - Comfortness & Wellness

The expert's point of view

" Scientific studies have shown that long periods of sitting are linked to obesity, cardiovascular disease, and musculoskeletal problems.
We’re seated for one third of our life span and being seated for such a long time isn’t healthy.
I believe that our choice of sofa should not only be guided by aesthetics, but by well-being too. It should be a choice based on accurate scientific rules of posture. "


➖ Charles Bark

AI eHealth PhD Researcher.
Top 100 Technology Pioneer for preventive Healthy Longevity at Home.

Natuzzi editorial - The expert's point of view

Natuzzi Design Center

Natuzzi has chosen to bring its idea of harmony also to the world of interiors, playing between contemporary aesthetics and functionality. Imagining new shapes and colours, fixing them on paper with a sketch, and then transforming them into something concrete: all of this is the Natuzzi Design Center.

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Our leather experience

All upholstery is produced following the strictest protocols for quality and reducing impact on the environment. Leather upholstery is tanned in Natuzzi factories in Italy.

Natuzzi editorial - Our leather experience


This is our entire collection of leather and fabric coverings. Availability may vary by location and product. Please check with your nearest store for the most current options for your chosen product.

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