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designed in Italy by Andrea Steidl

“Stupor” beauty

Andrea Steidl draws inspiration from the 13th-century Federician architecture of Puglia. Like the grand Federician castles, Mirai possesses a structure with strong yet light personality, blending architectural depth with contemporary softness.

Reflecting the timeless creativity symbolized by Federico II, the project embraces a forward-looking mindset, mirroring Puglia's enduring beauty and its gaze towards tomorrow.

Natuzzi editorial - “Stupor” beauty

A strong personality

Through clever optical illusion, the sofa's lines, akin to the castle's, seemingly diverge before converging in perpetual, repeated elements, crafting an imaginative, moving texture. In this refined seating, individual elements are held together by a neat wooden structure supporting light, soft volumes. The sofa's three fundamental elements—cushion, backrest, and armrest— playfully vary in height, enhancing visual comfort.

Natuzzi editorial - A strong personality

Elegance and durability

Sturdy base crafted from solid wood, available in two luxurious finishes: rich walnut and sophisticated smoked oak. Designed for both elegance and durability, this meticulously crafted piece adds a touch of timeless charm to any room, embodying the finest traditions of Italian craftsmanship.

Mirai has fully upholstered sides, crocodile hooks, high density polyurethane foam on seats and back cushions filled with feathers.

Natuzzi editorial - Elegance and durability

Utmost versatility

Available in linear and modular versions, Mirai revolutionizes any living space with its futuristic aesthetic and customizable configurations. Its unique terminal modules and chaise longue redefine versatility, while the integrated modular ottoman, complete with brackets, offers endless layout possibilities. Featuring loose rectangular back cushions as standard, Mirai also offers the option to elevate your comfort with additional square cushions, doubling as stylish accents.

Natuzzi editorial - Utmost versatility

Andrea Steidl

Andrea Steidl graduated in Industrial Design at the Polytechnic of Milan with a thesis on “Gratuity” which he achieved in 2004. Moving to Milan he entered Patricia Urquiola's studio where he assumed the role of head of design. In 2016 he designed his first personal project and subsequently co-founded \ar-o\ studio with Raquel Pacchini with whom he deals with product design, communication, strategic consultancy and art direction projects.

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Unparalleled fabrics

Natuzzi Italia fabrics are recognizable at first touch, for that unmistakable sensory pleasantness that makes it almost impossible to stop caressing them. The quality of natural fabrics coexists with the innovation of technical fibers, while the breadth of choice allows everyone to find the upholstery that best suits their home and lifestyle.

Natuzzi editorial - Unparalleled fabrics


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