Circle of Harmony

an inclusive space of participation

The circle is the form of Harmony par excellence, a symbol of the search for balance and perfection.
But, for Natuzzi, the circle is also a meeting place where to pay homage to beauty, an ideal inclusive space, of participation and comparison between different design interpretations of the soul of the company.



For sixty-five years, Natuzzi has embarked on a journey in search of harmony, inspired by the fertile land of Apulia, which has nurtured the birth of Pasquale Natuzzi's creativity and entrepreneurial ethics. These values have marked the company's history, leading it along a path of identity and stylistic growth.
The number 65 symbolizes continuous rebirth, a perpetual dance with vitality, mirroring the ethos that has defined Natuzzi since its inception.


“For Natuzzi, I wanted to create a space of curves and fluidity that could welcome people; A sofa is a meeting of people, friendship, and intimacy after all. Memory was born from a long and meticulous research, where the intent was to create a sofa unique in comfort and pure in appearance.”


“In Mirai, the guiding principle is the inclination towards the future, just like the ideas of Frederick II, a symbol of the timeless culture of the entire Mediterranean as well as of ingenuity in the astonishing architectures in Apulia, with his inspirations from perennial beauty that only fleetingly arise from tradition but with foresight for tomorrow.”


“Designed as a modern puzzle, the design idea of Momento draws inspiration from the dry stone walls typical of the Apulian countryside, which, in an alchemy of balance and technical wisdom, do not need binders or mortars to stay together, they unite and remain harmoniously inseparable. Momento is the expression of a desire, an exhortation to stay and enjoy the present by savoring every moment.”



Comfort has always been present in Natuzzi heritage. A design idea that becomes a movement, a school of thought. Natuzzi believe that the comfort of furniture is an essential part of laying claim to our quality of life. Comfort for Natuzzi comes not only from an unrivaled tradition of craftsmanship and continuous research in terms of materials and innovation, but also and above all from  a way of understanding life.
The Natuzzi challenge was to create living spaces that make people feel good because Comfort is the new luxury.


Colle draws inspiration from the first Natuzzi models recognised worldwide for their soft and hospitable style.
It's a key feature of this model that harmoniously portrays the relaxation typical of the Mediterranean life.
The seat and back cushions lie gently, in an informal and comfortable way.
An additional cushion rests on the side structure and becomes an armrest soft that increases the surface area for lounging. The design is distinguished by the pleasant "wrinkles" that are created on the upholstery, which enhance the softness of the design and enhance the sense of comfort visual that the entire collection wants to communicate.


There are ideas that are born from subtraction, simplification and spontaneity. Their essence comes to life from the materials they are made of and the air that surrounds them. Here, between matter and space, takes shape Melody, the new modular sofa designed for Natuzzi Italia by Simone Bonanni Studio. With its pure and reassuring silhouette, Melody infuses an effect of relaxing calm and encloses anyone who sits down as if in a comforting embrace.


Tempio coffee table
An unexpected coffee table that easily becomes the absolute centerpiece of spaces.
Just like a modern Parthenon, Tempio dominates the scene and like a precious sculptural complement, proudly displays all its grandeur and elegance.
And just like the ancient Greek structures, the pure geometric forms that define it, give rise to an object of timeless architectural aesthetics.


A modular wood and metal system designed to be versatile, light and adaptable to different needs and spaces.
Its metal elements, which descend vertically throughout the bookcase, look like many roots of one big tree, firmly anchored in the ground and dispensing wisdom, thanks to its branches that will contain pages and pages of knowledge.
A modular system that knows no limits to its versatility.


The lamp is a tribute to the rebirth of nature, it seems to come straight out of the pages of a fairy tale and, as in any self-respecting fairy tale, it also has a moral: the bond between man and nature is more important today than ever, and it is worth safeguarding the planet in order to always have small shoots of rebirth.


Splash is about stopping time, that moment of rest in which absolutely nothing happens but gives us a moment of great well-being. As if one presses the pause button at the precise moment when a drop of water falls on a surface and jumps; this creates curved upward arms, as if enveloping or embracing those who sit on it. Essential lines and simple volumes follow one another to ensure a feeling of relaxation and continuous envelopment that refers to the movement of water, source for all life and symbol of the strong bond that has always united man and nature.



Second Life is a reflection regarding a theme with serious modern-day implications: how to orient the production of furnishings toward a level of sustainability which is consistently more coherent and definitive.
The goal is to bring life to a more informed design and production process. Creating a timeless beauty capable of crossing time itself. A collection of targeted pieces designed to last a lifetime, with the green idea of reducing pollution, creating materials that get to live an invaluable second life: recycled, reused, rethought; objects where functionality and aesthetics coexist in perfect balance. To live a second life in harmony, at last.


Adam Collection
Like the first inhabitant of that ancestral perfect Earth, ADAM is the name of the furniture collection that Natuzzi has created in collaboration with the Marcel Wanders.
Bringing the human being back to the centre of the universe and its design, in a primordial Circle of Harmony. And recounting the close relationship that has always bound us to nature, to our origins and therefore to our land. This is the guiding thought. Once again, this partnership with the Marcel Wanders aligns value and purpose.


Terra pouf
Rewrite the relationship between man and natureTerra by Marcantonio representing the need to rethink the world of furniture.
The interior of the product is largely composed of an alternative to polystyrene produced from corn, while the upholstery is made of totally natural fabric.


New Concept Store
Puglia is the realm of light. Sunlight reflected in the eyes and souls of people with radiant personalities. Puglia is the place of conviviality: its timeless rituals, its festivities in the piazza, its hospitality. A place to enjoy the true taste and intense bonds of friendship.
In the Natuzzi showroom, designed by Studio Novembre, we wanted to celebrate life in harmony. 
This dream comes true in Palazzo Durini, in the heart of Milan, along a path that knows no boundaries, between the sky and the olive trees, on a single horizon of harmony.



In a world undergoing a process of total evolution, Natuzzi Italia invited different designers to translate new furnishing needs to redefine objects and functions in view of the new challenges of everyday life.
A transition that becomes opportunity and substance, comparison and vision.


Timeless sofa
“Timeless is a tribute to blossoming, to rebirth, to the beginning of a new positive life cycle in the name of well-being.”


Apulo sofa
“The project stems from a desire to embrace contemporary life by drawing inspiration from the rational concreteness of rural Puglia.”


Sinuosa collection
“On Juno, you don’t sit down in a composed fashion, but you throw yourself into it… with a dynamic gesture, precisely because you are sure to find the softness of a natural and welcoming womb.”


Block sofa
“In the new domestic space, which is fluid and constantly changing, objects must also evolve, offer us more functions and follow us wherever we go.”


Poly collection
“Priorities have changed, especially among the younger generation – people are looking for products that have good energy, and tell a lifestyle story.”


Aliante dining table
“It’s important that a multifunctional object also has a strong aesthetic element within it; a lifestyle trait. This is what I mean when I speak of Mediterranean rationalism.”


Posidonia collection
“My work feeds on graphic elements, which are broken down, reworked and reformed to give life to original, conscious, and speaking objects. In this case, the Apulian sea provides these objects.”


Eufolia sofa
“Nature still remains the best designer. I share the result of this project with her, and with the Natuzzi artisans who made it so incredibly relaxing.”

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