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All roads lead to Roma

All roads lead to Roma, is an ancient Latin saying. And the sofa that pays homage to the eternal city is inspired by its ancient streets, with their intersections that drew perfect squares and rectangles. Those geometries are found on the lining, to enhance the shape - majestic and slender at the same time. The chessboard cuts - in the leather version - also declare an inspiration to the "sampietrini", the small stone blocks used for the paving of the Roman historic center.

Natuzzi editorial - All roads lead to Roma
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Roma caput… comfort

Roma is the ideal sofa for a contemporary version of the "otium", the care of the spirit through good readings and the pleasures of social and convivial life. A sofa with adjustable backrests in two positions, standard or extra deep seat, and armrest with ratchet mechanism to adjust as desired. A terminal with ceramic side top in jazz white finishing is also available.

Natuzzi editorial - Roma caput… comfort

Everything to improve versatility

Available in leather and fabric with two different stitching patterns on the back and seat that can be combined with each other. Metal legs with matte black or glossy chromed finishing.

Natuzzi editorial - Everything to improve versatility

Natuzzi Design Center

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