We didn’t discover blending ourselves. It is an ancient art that we have learned – as we have so much of our knowledge – from our homeland of Puglia. From the craftsmanship of those who made our wines famous, by celebrating that symbol of our countryside, the vine. A wondrous, centuries-old shrub, reborn every spring, yielding a wine that each year differs from the previous vintage, a one-off that can never be repeated, that represents the very essence of a season spent amidst rows of vines. 



"Designed and made with
utmost attention, the collection
is here to embrace and protect you,
to help you stop for a little,
to become your true home. Beneath
the waves there is always an ocean
of peace. Objects are balanced in
their forms, timeless in the nature
of the materials, endless in the
possibilities for change
and composition."

Deep by Nika Zupanc is a collection born out of the sea’s waves. Just like Venus, goddess of beauty. A new landfall for the journey that Natuzzi has been undertaking, a new stage in our evolution. Close your eyes and imagine just being there, by the sea, on a summer night, under a star-filled sky. Sit there and listen to your heart for a while, immersing yourself in deeper reflections. These are the promptings of a project we are invited to enter into as an emotional experience. As a comfort and a home for the soul, a place to get lost and find oneself, rediscovering all the reassuring, calming and timeless family atmosphere of the Adriatic Sea and its natural Mediterranean surroundings, a common and omnipresent muse for both Natuzzi and Nika Zupanc.

This has also led to a special focus on selecting the materials – stone, terracotta, ceramics, metal, glass, leather and fabrics of the very highest quality – combined with the aim of creating furniture that will last for generations, handed down as an asset and passed on as a legacy. Coupled with them is a series of innovative, recycled and ecologically-sound materials which blend past, present and future.

Because Deep also means being profound, devoted and accountable to our roots, to the environment and to ourselves. The circle, the conceptual soul of the whole "design blend" project, also triumphs here as the theme of the collection, one whose very name reveals its inspiration from water and its fluid shapes, expressed through endless curves and circles.


Nika Zupanc pours poetic disruption into a world of design and interiors. Her products and installations challenge the rational, sober and utilitarian by giving voice to the intuitive, eclectic and intimate. Nika Zupanc’s works bring inspiring reports from the outer frontiers of technologies, materials and possibilities. Her product design collaborations include distinguished design companies such as Moooi, Moroso, Qeeboo, Sé, DeCastelli, Scarlet Splendour and Dior. Nika Zupanc creates limited edition collections for Rossana Orlandi, while continuing to design and produce for her own brand. After graduating at the Academy of fine arts and design, department of Industrial design in Ljubljana, product and interior designer Nika Zupanc became a globally recognised name with the launch of the Lolita lamp, her first object to be mass produced by Moooi in 2007. Zupanc’s pieces carry an emotional charge as well as being exquisitely finished, which is why Elle USA characterised her work as “punk elegance”. There's a touch of theatre and Film Noir in her work. Her visual language comes from deep within and is about "communicating the things that cannot be told.”



"We are quite overwhelmed
by shapes in the design world.
There is the need to open new roads.
With Natuzzi we worked on poetry,
transforming the infinity
symbol into an attractive
three-dimensional form,
a curvy sculpture which slides
upon itself becoming a restful sofa,
with comfortable seating
and a chaise longue
in the central part."

Infinito by Marcantonio arose out of a seemingly impossible challenge. Namely, how to transfer all the iconic value of one of the most powerful symbols of the collective imagination into an object that for Natuzzi has an equally iconic value, the sofa. The product that made Natuzzi one of the world's most famous lifestyle brands. One that also has its own strong visual identity, which has become part of our collective imagination – its soft generous shapes, its rounded curvy lines, its colourful flamboyant design, its exuberant looks, its editerranean style. This is where the real challenges began, with both a technical and structural challenge, and an aesthetic one – how best to give Infinito all the comfort and amenity that a Natuzzi sofa needs. And not a drop less. Challenges that brought out the best in the skilful craftsmanship of our workers. In their hands, a fascinating idea became infinitely embracing. Giving life to a new icon of contemporary design.


Marcantonio (1976, Massalombarda, Ravenna), lives and works in Cesena, Italy. After attending the Ravenna Art Institute then going on to the Academy of Fine Arts, he began working as a set designer and collaborated with architects on various projects in the field. Until now, his research has been characterized by fusing art and design and includes unique pieces and objects. His original works take shape in his workshop in Cesena, such as the irreverent Monkey Lamp designed for Seletti, which has become an icon and best-seller of the Italian design brand. He has also collaborated with the Galleria Rossana Orlandi in Milan and exhibited some of his most visionary, limited-edition projects such as Gorilla on the Chair or his latest dreamlike light-sculpture project Instict Illumination.



"Traveling is my way of breathing.
Traveling is a way of looking
at the world. As I travel
I store colors, shapes, materials,
sensations, looks in my head.
There is always something
different and unexpected.
When a project is born,
the elements needed to create
the new idea come to life,
almost by magic."

Argo – by Paola Navone – celebrates the Mediterranean approach to savouring life. The soft upholstery envelops its luxuriant curves, giving the sofa a cosy, casual appearance. In an unexpectedly Pop Art touch, two giant staples are sunk into the backrest, further emphasizing the sofa's inviting, all-embracing softness. The temptation to flop down on it is just too overwhelming. Only Paola Navone, with the provocative, anti-scholarly attitude that she has always been renowned for, could have come up with such a rendition of the sofa. Argo reinterprets – and redesigns – history with that taste for a slightly blemished beauty that has always marked Paola Navone's unique style and flair, here taking on a special allure inspired by Mediterranean atmospheres.

Which seem to have been conceived and created specifically to enhance her natural propensity for cross-contamination. The Mediterranean thrives, as a fertile source of inspiration, throughout this collection designed for Natuzzi. Impressions associated with its colours and traditions evoke a natural beauty made up of sheer simplicity and attention to detail, and reveal in a wholly unexpected way a lifestyle that exists nowhere else on Earth. That connection with the soil and with others, that bond with one's own roots, that Harmony which Natuzzi has always sought to bring to the world and which Paola Navone, cosmopolitan designer par excellence and forever in search of new “worlds”, has managed to capture in an absolutely unprecedented manner.


After graduating from Politecnico di Torino, in 1973 she began her career working with the leading designers of the time. In 1983 she won the Osaka International Design Award, and from then on her career has continued to grow. Her creativity is inspired by all types of culture, particularly those from the Far East, and she produces strongly original designs rich in skillful international contaminations An architect, art director, designer and teacher, Paola Navone is a professional whose lively eclecticism is reflected in each of her creations.



"The elements that characterize
a contemporary sofa are increasingly
minimalistic and the public is expected
to have the required sensitivity
to be able to judge them.
This is the only possible explanation
as to why so many classic models
continue to abound in homes all over
the world. New Classic was born
with the aim of bringing these
two worlds closer together."

New Classic by Fabio Novembre revisits a furnishing classic, the Chester, in a contemporary vein. And it does so by drawing inspiration from a reflection – that the elements that characterize a contemporary sofa are increasingly minimalistic and the public is expected to have the required sensitivity to be able to judge them. This is the only possible explanation as to why so many classic models continue to abound in homes all over the world. New Classic was born with the aim of bringing these two worlds closer together, starting from a rational contemporary base but embellishing itself with a round element that characterizes its shape. The option of being able to upholster it with contrasting colours enhances its expressive potential. At first glance, the Chester we all know and love is still there – it hasn't been turned into just another sofa, yet it is as if it had been transformed into a sculpture, a study of volumes, solids and voids, shadows and highlights.

A sofa that seems to emerge from a metaphysical plaza by De Chirico, or from a still life by Morandi. Once again, Fabio Novembre starts from an object present in everyone's collective imagination and reworks it using new aesthetic codices. In the end, at first sight we comprehend who is behind New Classic, with his exceptional visual energy, which many people compare with Fellini's for their ability to generate images, each bearing their own unmistakable hallmark. The meeting with Natuzzi occurs precisely within this common ground, focusing on the personality of objects, on their ability to immediately evoke a world, a place, an imagery. In this case Puglia, its unforgettable atmospheres, its timeless Harmony.


Fabio Novembre was born in Lecce in 1966 and got his bachelor’s degree in Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Milan in 1992. One year later, he moved to New York where he attended a film direction course at the New York University. He opened his studio in 1994, which immediately became an international reference for architecture, thanks to the powerful expressivity and iconicity of his style. Throughout the years, he has collaborated with the most important Italian design firms and his work has been acknowledged and published all over the world for his visionary approach. Since 2019, Fabio Novembre has been the Art Director of Driade, Scientific Director of Domus Academy and a member of the scientific committee of the Design Museum of the “Triennale di Milano”.



"Each distinctive feature of
Apulian culture, from its cuisine
to its design, is the result
of a unique blend of simplicity
and the finest ingredients.
The effect of this positive attitude
to life is reflected in my new collection,
both in its soft curves – which make
it so welcoming – and in its
minimalist looks."

Solar is the heartfelt grateful tribute that Claudio Bellini has dedicated to Puglia, where he spent the best days of his childhood. Like a Proustian Madeleine, teaming up with Natuzzi brings back memories and happy moments, giving rise to a collection that reveals all the magic of this unique land. At the heart of it all, right from the very name, is the sun-kissed Mediterranean lifestyle, and the culture on which it is based. A culture of hospitality, openness and sharing, inclusive and generous, genuine and positive, with strong family roots and an outstanding sense of friendship. The entire collection is permeated and imbued with this culture.

You can capture it in the soft, gentle curves that give a welcoming, inviting feeling. In its lines and details, so minimalist and essential. In its bright colours and natural materials, carefully hand-picked to create an earthy sensation and an organic feel on all surfaces, from the hardest to the softest. By mixing memories and inspiration, design and material, the collection captures the energy and light of Puglia, a unique blend of highlights and colours - the red of the earth, the white of the stone, the green of the Mediterranean maquis, the yellow of the wheat fields, the blue of the sea.


Claudio Bellini lives and works in Milan, the city of design. As a child he already had a strong interest in creativity, through the work of his father Mario Bellini, a distinguished figure in Italian design, who was of great inspiration to him. The Claudio Bellini Design firm was founded in 1996, and from the very beginning his work focused on research, new technologies and creative processes.



"Sustainability means
conceiving and producing
objects designed to last.
I’m not talking just about
materials, I’m talking about style.
A timeless beauty, an elegance
that is not subject
to current trends."


"Just like the Federician castles
and cathedrals that dominate
Apulia, Dominio is designed to be
an important and reassuring
presence in the home.
The name itself evokes the fortress’s
might and the control over one’s
own time, especially the time
dedicated to relax."

Dominio, by Maurizio Manzoni, embodies the soft embracing spirit of the original down paddings in the very first Natuzzi designs, preserving the symbiotic relationship with the surrounding area, the true genius loci of its inspirations. And it reinterprets in a contemporary key the concept of design and function that has long been at the core of the brand's philosophy. This is a modular, wide-ranging system with central elements of various lengths and two different depths that can be combined with armrests of various kinds, which act as a support and a small bookcase. There are also larger ones, such as the corner-dormeuse and trapezoidal elements, which can be used to create a home theatre layout. The living room is now the pulsating heart of the home, and Dominio is designed to enjoy it at its best, by offering space and anything else that is needed. Like a small autonomous republic of Harmony.


Maurizio Manzoni, born in Nuoro in 1967, graduated with a degree in Architecture in Florence in 1994. In 1999 he was appointed Adjunct Professor at the University of Florence, for the Course of Design and Survey and Fabric Diagnostics (Costume and Fashion - Department of Industrial Design). His wide-range of work includes: Interior Architecture, Graphic Design, Stand Exhibitions, Fabric Design, and both interior and exterior Design for Motor Boats and Sailing Yachts.



"Natuzzi's strength lies in fusion,
in blending different ideas,
perceptions and experiences.
A way both to ensure that man
and human relationships remain at
the heart of the corporate production
philosophy and to be inspired
by the most varied sources."

Oblò by Maurizio Manzoni is a warm generous embrace, the house’s way of welcoming us home. A sofa whose origin lies in the fluid continuous line running through the backrest/armrest, a veritable embrace whose soft design is emphasized by the tubular frame that surrounds it like a belt gracing a sinuous body. An aesthetic feature that also serves as a functional element, as it continues into the foot that raises the sofa off the floor, making the whole both lighter and more dynamic. Oblò can also be modular, assembled to accommodate your own creativity and needs, to create special combinations for even greater conviviality. Its elements are designed to blend in and convey a sense of balance, a timeless serenity.



"My contribution
has always been telling stories
with different poetic inspirations,
which might evolve through time,
trying to be ‘an interpreter
of the present and a visionary
of the future’. I love mixing form,
function, aesthetics and ethics,
as ingredients, to create
harmonic products."

Mauro Lipparini's Buddie is a collection based on soft organic shapes, inspired by smooth river rocks and the sculptural plasticity of Henry Moore and Jean Arp. Its compact dimensions, though generous in appearance, immediately convey a sense of casual, unconventional comfort, amplified by the essential forms of the seats, their full-bodied gentle volumes, made up of curved lines.

The modularity, too, is simple, spontaneous, and allows for groupings that form generous, colourful geometries that may be symmetrical or asymmetrical. A project that perfectly embodies the spirit of Natuzzi Design Blend, a collection in which form and function, aesthetics and ethics, creativity and innovation, both at the technological and emotional level, f ind a perfect synthesis in the name of harmony. And so the circle closes.


Lipparini is an eclectic architect and designer who expresses his creativity in all areas: complex industrial projects, interior architecture, installations, study of products. He is one of the leading figures of ""Italian minimalism"", internationally successful, and his talent earned him many recognitions. Lipparini graduated in Florence in 1980 and chose Italy as the ideal place for his research and work.


The partnership with BYBORRE – one of the most important textile innovation studio in the world, based in Amsterdam – is one of those short circuits, one of those disruptive intuitions that define Pasquale Junior Natuzzi’s creative vision. His conviction that innovating should not be limited to working with famous personalities or with the most fertile minds of the contemporary design world, but rather it should lead the company to rethink the whole manufacturing process from the very beginning, with a new and radical approach, combining quality and sustainability at the very highest level. An approach in which process and product are given equal value. In this, BYBORRE has proven to be a perfect partner and accomplice. DISCOVER MORE >

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