Fabio Novembre, in his first product design collaboration with Natuzzi, has created New Classic, modular upholstery that draws inspiration from the most classic of sofas – the Chester – reinterpreting it in an urban/contemporary tone. The design keystone of New Classic is the harmonious intersection of round and square shapes, a set of volumes that overlap and combine to create a sofa with generous dimensions for welcoming moments of relaxation.


From an aesthetic point of view, New Classic is characterised by a padded roller that delimits the entire upper section creating armrests and a backrest, while the square, minimal seats end in the base of the sofa, enriched on the sides with metal tubes.



Available leather and fabric, as well as in a double covering that combines the two materials with a textile insert for the backrest/armrests and leather insert for the structure and seat.


Fabio Novembre designer

Fabio Novembre has been a leading light in the international design industry for over twenty years due to the visual power and iconic nature of his style. Marked by a highly recognisable visionary approach, his work has received a series of accolades and mentions in publications over the years. He has been scientific director of the Domus Academy and served on the scientific committee of the Design Museum at the Milan Triennale since 2019. Novembre and Natuzzi not only share a bond with Apulia which is a “motherland” and muse for both of them, but they also have a common passion for narration. This is what triggered their first key project together called Intro, which was an installation at the 2016 Triennale put on display inside the “Stanze. Altre filosofie dell'abitare” (“Rooms - Novel living concepts”) exhibition in partnership with the Furniture Fair. A fascinating project based on a very lofty concept and a bearer of a sublime message, Intro brought to the fore the best of both Novembre and Natuzzi. By focusing on the concept of bedroom, which is retraced to its most perfect ancestral roots, his mind settled on an egg represented by an oval-shaped alcove with an external mirrored-metal shell and a deep-red interior which looks almost like a womb; this alcove literally draws visitors in, isolating them in an otherworldly dimension before returning them to the world reborn with a keener sense of awareness. Crafted from materials that are customarily used for sofa manufacture and entirely hand-assembled by those who create sofas every day, Intro is a one-of-a-kind piece of artistry and a perfect way to offer the international audience at the Triennale tangible proof of the love of craftsmanship that Natuzzi has always had. Four years down the line, Natuzzi and Novembre continue their remarkable teamwork, as is apparent from the strong bold aesthetic of the new collection and from the Circle of Harmony, with a project that encapsulates all the extraordinary visual power of the designer from Lecce who many have likened to Fellini for his ability to generate images with an unmistakable trademark.

Fabio Novembre
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