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designed in Italy by Natuzzi Design Center

Design and technology

With its signature quilting (an instantly recognisable sign of fine Natuzzi craftsmanship) and unmistakeable design, Philo immediately conveys a sense of hospitality and comfort. It is equipped with cutting-edge recliner functions and our innovative Zero Wall space-saving system.

Natuzzi editorial - Design and technology
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20 available configurations. view allPresets 1

  • Preset default image - Philo Love seat - Fabric

    Philo Love seat - Fabric

    cm W 166 x H 78/102* x D 110
    (*/max open)

    from2.564 €

  • Preset default image - Philo Sofa - Fabric

    Philo Sofa - Fabric

    cm W 212 x H 78/102* x D 110
    (*/max open)

    from2.841 €

  • Preset default image - Philo Three seater sofa - Fabric

    Philo Three seater sofa - Fabric

    cm W 308 x H 78/102* x D 110
    (*/max open)

    from4.376 €

  • Preset default image - Philo Armchair - Fabric

    Philo Armchair - Fabric

    cm W 122 x H 78/102* x D 110
    (*/max open)

    from1.851 €

Versatile design

A whole array of linear and corner solutions, making it easy to adapt it to any space or usage. Hand-stitched and quilted details exalt the beauty of the design.

Natuzzi editorial - Versatile design

Relaxing functions

Each seat has been fitted with a soft-touch mechanism. A mere press of the recliner button causes the seat and backrest to open simultaneously. The Zero Wall space-saver system which activates the recliner function without having to detach the sofa from the wall behind it.

Natuzzi editorial - Relaxing functions

Natuzzi Design Center

Natuzzi has chosen to bring its idea of harmony also to the world of interiors, playing between contemporary aesthetics and functionality. Imagining new shapes and colours, fixing them on paper with a sketch, and then transforming them into something concrete: all of this is the Natuzzi Design Center.

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Coverings are available in a wide range of fabrics and leather varieties.

  • covering 1
  • covering 2
  • covering 3

Our leather experience

All upholstery is produced following the strictest protocols for quality and reducing impact on the environment. Leather upholstery is tanned in Natuzzi factories in Italy.

Natuzzi editorial - Our leather experience

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