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designed in Italy by Lorenza Bozzoli

Freedom and rebirth

Timeless by Lorenza Bozzoli is a modular sofa which, with its rounded and elegantly asymmetrical design, seems to open like a flower with an elegant, light effect. It is an image of freedom and rebirth that the designer manages to capture and fix, almost stopping the passing of time.
Natuzzi editorial - Freedom and rebirth
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Slow Mediterranean living

Welcoming and inviting, featuring soft, deep seats, Timeless enhances the visual comfort and the idea of slow Mediterranean living – linked to the beauty of nature and the pleasure of contemplation – which have always been unmistakable elements of Natuzzi Italia style. The modules with an organic design are covered on each side so to be also set in center of the room. They can therefore be used to create countless configurations, adapting to the most varied spaces and needs. The great versatility is also expressed through different corner elements which at the same time allow a high level of customization. Available in leather or fabric, Timeless can be considered an “instant classic”, a project with a sartorial design combining classic and contemporary vibes, resulting in a sofa that symbolizes the idea of harmony that has always distinguished Natuzzi Italia’s vision and research.
Natuzzi editorial - Slow Mediterranean living

Modular project

Timeless steals the limelight in all sorts of interiors with its modular elements upholstered on all sides which will help you create the right combination for your space and comfort requirements.
Natuzzi editorial - Modular project

Lorenza Bozzoli

Lorenza Bozzoli lives and works in Milan. She attended the Academy of Brera, and moved to New York to kick-off her career in the fashion field. Her interest then moved toward the world of product design, and she started articulating her work through a vast series of collaborations with big brands.

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Coverings are available in a wide range of fabrics and leather varieties.

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