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designed in Italy by Natuzzi Design Center

Embrace Comfortness

Our way to improve your quality of life

Design and Function at the service of relaxation.
An enveloping experience of comfort for the benefit of physical and mental well-being.
Innovative, mechanically driven triple-movement mechanisms regulate the movement of the backrest, backrest, headrest and footrest for an optimal sitting posture that allows the whole body to rest.
The armrest is flexible and can be adjusted manually.
Complemented by carefully designed functional details, Wellbe brings all the value of Natuzzi’s know-how to every living area.

Natuzzi editorial - Our way to improve your quality of life

The Wellbe comfortness experience

Wellbe can be customized in leather or fabric in over 100 colors and in multiple configurations.
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Wellbe stationary in fabric as per photo
(Dimensions: W89/101" L41" H41")

Natuzzi editorial - The Wellbe comfortness experience

Our Motion Technology

A superior comfort with technologically advanced motion mechanisms.
Reclining backs, lumbar supports and footrests that are perfectly integrated in the design and guarantee you optimal seating posture in any position with a rechargable long lasting battery.
Wellbe modular sofa offers the possibility to have from 1 up to 3 electric seats starting.

Wellbe in fabric as per photo with one recliner seat without App (Dimensions: W104/116" L41" H41")

Natuzzi editorial - Our Motion Technology

At your doorstep within just 2 weeks

Thanks&,nbsp, to our Quick Time Program, Wellbe can be delivered from our warehouses in just 2 weeks.


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Natuzzi editorial - At your doorstep within just 2 weeks

Flexibility and versatility

Wellbe is one of Natuzzi’s most modular sofas: from a cocooning lovechair to a large sectional, the possible configurations are almost limitless.
This unparalleled modularity means you are free to compose the ideal solution to suit your needs and to fit harmoniously in your living space*.


*The picture represent just examples of some of the many configurations. Some of these information could not be referred to your market.
Please click on the configurations you can find below to see prices in your currency and dimension for your country

Find your favorite configuration

You can choose from many configurations available in over 100 colors, leather and fabric.
Here some examples:

Natuzzi editorial - Find your favorite configuration

Comfortness & Wellness

Introducing Comfortness, an innovative collection that brings together Comfort + Wellness as a new way of understanding living space not only from a physical perspective but a visual and mental one too. Comfortness is redefining what it means to live in comfort.

Natuzzi editorial - Comfortness & Wellness

Applied health tecnology

Scientific studies have shown that long periods of sitting are linked to obesity, cardiovascular disease, and musculoskeletal problems.
Wellbe is the only sofa in the world ➖ that I know of ➖ that combines comfort and wellness in a way that can reduce risk factors for musculoskeletal disorders, particularly lower back pain.
The way it adjusts to the right seating posture for each body shape is unique.


➖ Charles Bark

AI eHealth PhD Researcher.
Top 100 Technology Pioneer for preventive Healthy Longevity at Home.

Natuzzi editorial - Applied health tecnology

Coffee table

Made to serve in multiple ways, the Square Coffee table is the perfect companion for Wellbe.
The compact design functions as a side table with drawers or shelves and the wheels mean you can easily move it as your needs change throughout the day. Square is easy to incorporate in every space.
The table has two storage compartments, a top-opening drawer and side-drawer with a push-to-open mechanism and soft close. The main storage compartment turns into an additional elevated shelf or tray.

(Dimensions: W30" L47" H19")

Natuzzi editorial - Coffee table

The perfect match

The ottoman is specially designed to match the lines and shapes of your sofa.
By combining it with the seat, it will transform your sofa into an elegant chaise longue for maximum comfort and total relaxation, thanks also to the convenient wheels that allow you to move it around your living room wherever you like.
(Dimensions: W25" L37" H17")

Natuzzi editorial - The perfect match
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Our leather experience

All our leather coverings are tanned in the Natuzzi factories in Italy ,where we adopt environment-conscious processes to limit our impact.

Natuzzi editorial - Our leather experience


Coverings are available in a wide range of fabrics and leather varieties.

  • covering 1
  • covering 2
  • covering 3

Natuzzi Design Center

Natuzzi has chosen to bring its idea of harmony also to the world of interiors, playing between contemporary aesthetics and functionality. Imagining new shapes and colours, fixing them on paper with a sketch, and then transforming them into something concrete: all of this is the Natuzzi Design Center.

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Find your favorite configuration

24 available configurations. view allPresets 1

  • Preset default image - Wellbe Sofa - Fabric

    Wellbe Sofa - Fabric

    cm W 206/236* x H 103 x D 103
    (*/max open)

    from3.071 €

  • Preset default image - Wellbe Three seater sofa - Fabric

    Wellbe Three seater sofa - Fabric

    cm W 265/295* x H 103 x D 103
    (*/max open)

    from4.629 €

  • Preset default image - Wellbe Sofa with right wedge seat - Fabric

    Wellbe Sofa with right wedge seat - Fabric

    cm W 312/327* x H 103 x D 144
    (*/max open)

    from5.118 €

  • Preset default image - Wellbe Sectional Sofa with right wedge seat - Fabric

    Wellbe Sectional Sofa with right wedge seat - Fabric

    cm W 343/358* x H 103 x D 207/223*
    (*/max open)

    from6.590 €

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