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Design Center

Design Center

The beating heart of Natuzzi, the place where beauty is born, where trends that will influence the entire world of furniture take shape and substance.

Imagining new shapes and colours, committing them to paper with a sketch, and then transforming them into something tangible. Identifying the best combinations, imagining the future, discovering what will become the new trends, and turning them into unique and exclusive furniture collections: all of this is the Natuzzi Design Center.

The idea of harmony

Natuzzi has chosen to bring its idea of harmony also to the world of interiors, playing between contemporary aesthetics and functionality, between materials and colors, between
textures and graphic signs, to create spaces and residences where balance, elegance and beauty reign, in every detail.

The interpretation of beauty

Natuzzi Design Center works everyday in terms of research, new shapes, new suggestions, in order to translate beauty, creativity and harmony into Natuzzi DNA.




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