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designed in Italy by Nika Zupanc

Glamour touch

Mermaid is part of the Deep collection inspired by the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea. The bronze, oval Mermaid mirror brings out the glamorous side of the collection, also thanks to its evocative decorations. Etched patterning that is reminiscent of the scales on a mermaid's tail embellishes the thick glass with a bronzed finish. The irresistible allure of Mermaid.
Natuzzi editorial - Glamour touch
Preset default image - MERMAID Bronze mirror

MERMAID Bronze mirror

cm W 3 x H 100 x D 52.5

890 €

Nika Zupanc

Her objects defy rationality and create an intimate, emotionaland intuitive dimension. Her visual language aims to “communicate things that cannotbe said”, pushing back the frontiers of materials and possibilities to breathe life intorefined pieces that have been meticulously crafted and curated. This is why Elle USA usedthe words “punk elegance” to describe her work.

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