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All the nuances
of our history

At the crossroads of 65 years, we are embarking on a journey that transcends time.

The number 65 symbolizes continuous rebirth, a perpetual dance with vitality, mirroring the ethos that has defined Natuzzi since its inception.
As we celebrate 65 years, the future stands before us, a canvas waiting to be painted with the strokes of innovation.

Our dedication to excellence, authenticity, and environmental consciousness will guide us through the uncharted territories, ensuring that every hurdle is but a stepping stone to greater heights.

A special
celebrative logo


Our special edition logo draws inspiration from an iconic logo of the ‘90s. By paying homage to this classic of the past, we aim to honour our rich history and renew our commitment to respect our founding values.

The choice of the rainbow colours has a dual purpose. Firstly, it pays homage to our tradition of producing colorful leather furniture. In addition, it symbolizes inclusiveness and diversity, underlying our ongoing commitment to a more welcoming world. By prominently featuring the number 65, we honor the milestones and accomplishments that have defined Natuzzi's remarkable journey since its inception.

The King. The Man. The Artist.


To mark Natuzzi’s 65th anniversary celebrations, the flagship store in Milan is adorned with «Puer Apuliae», a unique 6x8mt oil on wood painting by Gino Donvito, composed of 88 individual pieces, showing King Federico II of Svevia during a hunt.

The work is part of the “Crociata Federiciana” series of paintings by the Apulian artist, whit whom Natuzzi has a long-standing collaboration.

By offering Natuzzi this work Gino Donvito wanted to celebrate King Federico II, who laid the foundations for the distinctive beauty and harmony of the Apulian land and the man Pasquale Natuzzi who, together with his people, has brought that same beauty and harmony to homes around the world.

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Harmony 65 collection

Natuzzi’s history is the starting point for Circle of Harmony's new research this year.

It is in his heritage that lies the secret of this successfull longevity, it is the passage of time that refines a process made of tradition and craftsmanship, design and functionality, technique and innovation.
A narrow way that has brought us here, today, aware that a solid future is built thanks to a past we can be proud of.

Harmony 65 is our new collection that bears witness to testifies to this tireless evolution. The products look back on our history with pride, but do not neglect to honor a fascinating and innovative future that awaits around the corner.


" We put emotions at the core of the process. "


—  Pasquale Natuzzi Junior

Chief Brand Officer Natuzzi Italia

Natuzzi editorial - Harmony 65 collection

Karim Rashid

" Many people say that my work is very futuristic. I think it’s a present thing not a future thing. It’s not futuristic, it’s contemporary. "


—  Karim Rashid

Natuzzi editorial designer

Simone Bonanni

" In my work with Natuzzi, there is an eye on contemporaneity that I cherish because it is one of the ways in which I can design objects that are relevant today. "


—  Simone Bonanni

Natuzzi editorial designer

Andrea Steidl

" Natuzzi is going through a period of great evolution, it wants to include within its heritage, elements that drive it into the future. "


—  Andrea Steidl

Natuzzi editorial designer

Natuzzi's Milestones

The story of Natuzzi starts far back in time, in a small craft workshop in Taranto.
65 years have passed since that 1959, and the group seems never to have stopped; on the contrary, the passage of time has become a trusted adviser who has taken the brand by the hand and grown it into the strong group we all know today. A business that remains with an Apulian and familiar soul but with a strong international inspiration.

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