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designed in Italy by Fabio Novembre

The grandeur of beauty

An unexpected coffee table that easily becomes the absolute centerpiece of spaces. Just like a modern Parthenon, Tempio dominates the scene and like a precious sculptural complement, proudly displays all its grandeur and elegance. And just like the ancient Greek structures, the pure geometric forms that define it, give rise to an object of timeless architectural aesthetics.

Natuzzi editorial - The grandeur of beauty

Perpetual design

Tempio has been designed to become the absolute protagonist of the space , thanks to its great aesthetic impact. Its pure geometry and defining shapes create a timeless object evoking Italian design in a harmony of curved contours and sharp edges. A precious sculptural complement whose thick lines infuse a great sense of elegance.

Natuzzi editorial - Perpetual design

Exquisite materials

Made of wood and precious Italian Travertine stone. Impressive base built with 4 cylindrical sculptural support elements. ,
Tempio is available in two versions and it’s made of:

⎻  ,  ,in the wood version, flush-brushed smoked oak finish to enhance the rich wood texture and unique grain in an elegant juxtaposition of rustic, minimalist and refined design, ,
⎻  ,  , in the marble version, the coffee table is made from solid blocks of brushed Italian Travertine that reveals the beauty and character of each piece by highlighting the stone's bold veining and striking contrasts.


⎻ Central version ,
in Smoked Oak ,
L 155 cm x 100 H 34 cm
⎻ Central version ,
in Travertine ,
L 155 cm x 100 H 34 cm

Natuzzi editorial - Exquisite materials

Travertine, a special beauty

Travertine is a type of calcareous sedimentary rock. Small cavities in the semi-compact structure are typical of Travertine. Very resistant to weathering, travertine has been used since Roman antiquity in construction as a building and ornamental material. ,
The color of travertine depends on the oxides it has incorporated being by nature a fairly porous stone. The natural coloring ranges from milky white to walnut, through various shades from yellow to dark brown. It is a strong, durable and compact natural stone and it represents one of the preferred types of marble in Italy. Each item made of travertine is unique and no two are alike.

Natuzzi editorial - Travertine, a special beauty

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2 products.

  • Preset default image - TEMPIO Coffee table

    TEMPIO Coffee table

    in W 39 x H 13 x D 61


  • Preset default image - TEMPIO Coffee table

    TEMPIO Coffee table

    in W 39 x H 13 x D 61


Fabio Novembre

Marked by a highly recognisable visionary approach, his work has received a series of accolades and mentions in publications over the years. He has been scientific director of the Domus Academy and served on the scientific committee of the Design Museum at the Milan Triennale since 2019. His studio is an international reference for architecture, thanks to the powerful expressivity and iconicity of his style.

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