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designed in Italy by Elena Salmistraro

The playful aesthetics of the Mediterranean

The Calilla sofa is an innovative recliner featuring a ‘protective shell’ that envelops and encloses the seats, topped by headrests resembling a sea sponge, a link between the collection’s various elements. This poetic vision is interwoven with functional thinking that stems from Natuzzi Italia’s desire to always combine aesthetics with function.
Natuzzi editorial - The playful aesthetics of the Mediterranean

Find your favorite configuration

2 available configurations.

  • Preset default image - Calilla Sofa - Leather

    Calilla Sofa - Leather

    in W 80 x H 37/41* x D 40
    (*/max open)


  • Preset default image - Calilla Three seater sofa - Leather

    Calilla Three seater sofa - Leather

    in W 94 x H 37/41* x D 40
    (*/max open)


Surprising visual result

This project combines a distinctive and contemporary aesthetic with maximum comfort thanks to the motion mechanisms that allow you to choose the relaxation positions available in this aesthetically innovative and personal project: the movement of the recliner system is concentrated inside the backrest, which remains still and unchanged for a surprising visual result.
Natuzzi editorial - Surprising visual result

Sustainable covering

The shapes of the upholstered furniture in the Posidonia collection are enhanced and embellished by the optional fabric designed by Elena Salmistraro together with BYBORRE. A completely unique 3D™ yarn, woven from a blend of the finest wools and recycled PES, making it extremely strong and durable, yet luxurious, comfortable and totally sustainable.
Natuzzi editorial - Sustainable covering

Elena Salmistraro

She is the creator of a highly distinctive style that is unique in its type, and she is interested in the development of a work that crosses between illustration, design and visual arts, through which she tends to define a highly energetic communicative code that stimulates emotions and sensitivity. One of the priorities of her creations is the attention to detail and the harmonic study of shapes searched in anthropomorphism.

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Coverings are available in a wide range of fabrics and leather varieties.

  • covering 1
  • covering 2
  • covering 3

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