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The Tempur®️ Collection

The art of sleep

We are proud to offer in our store the excellence of TEMPUR® mattresses, well known and appreciated for their pioneering designs using NASA technology. What people don’t know yet, however, is how incredible their match with our new beds can be. Try them together, you’ll rethink your idea of ideal rest. 

Natuzzi editorial - The art of sleep

Sleep technology by Tempur® 

At the core of all TEMPUR® mattresses and pillows lies a material developed to cushion astronauts during lift-off. The signature TEMPUR® Material welcomes the body into a naturally comfortable position by distributing pressure evenly. TEMPUR® sleep experts have spent years perfecting it to develop the right mattress for everyone. 

Tempur® Cloud. For a soft feel

Balancing softness and support, the specially developed TEMPUR® Extra Soft material generously cushions, while the TEMPUR® Support material beneath provides long-lasting firmness.

Special Price: £ 2.729  £2.195

Natuzzi editorial - Tempur® Cloud. For a soft feel

Tempur® Original. For a medium feel

Enjoy the benefits of TEMPUR® Material with body-conforming comfort, outstanding support, and pressure relieving properties that can reduce tossing and turning at night. 

Special Price: £ 2.729  £2.195

Natuzzi editorial - Tempur® Original. For a medium feel

Tempur® Sensation. For a firm feel

TEMPUR® Material on top conforms to your body to relieve pressure points, while Dynamic Support Technology guarantees ease of movement and full body support. 

Special Price: £ 2.729  £2.195

Natuzzi editorial - Tempur® Sensation. For a firm feel

The Tempur® pillow collection 

TEMPUR® pillow range consists of Ergonomic and Classic Pillows. They give the TEMPUR® full body support experience when used in conjunction with the TEMPUR® mattress and range from a soft to a firm feel. 

Classic pillows

Available in soft, medium and firm feels, these traditionally shaped pillows have huggable qualities to enable your head to be comfortable whether you sleep on your back, front or side. 

Natuzzi editorial - Classic pillows

Shaped pillows

Specially shaped pillows for specific sleeping positions - to help relieve discomfort in your head, neck and shoulders. 

Natuzzi editorial - Shaped pillows

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