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about Natuzzi Italia

we blend design, functions, materials and colors to create harmonious living

— Natuzzi Italia are devoted to harmony. A gentle word that holds a powerful heart, beating with new life. We are moving energetically in the name of beauty, joie de vivre, respect for others and the environment around us.

Beauty makes us happy.
Harmony will unite us.


The culture of beauty, the passion for the arts, the philosophy of good living, all of them belong to the history of our country. As a matter of fact, Italian style has always stood out in the world of fashion, design, architecture, furnishing and decoration. It is an innate and precious heritage, which inspires and guides all of Natuzzi Italia creations.


Puglia and Mediterranean culture are certainly the starting point of the inspirational journey of every Natuzzi Italia creation. It is the landscape of the soul, a cosmopolitan soul, where a perpetual intermingling has generated boundless beauty and a lifestyle that continues to be an inspiration for many.

design experience.
blending people

The strength of Natuzzi Italia lies in the fusion, in the blend of different ideas, sensibilities and experiences. A way to put mankind at the center of the company’s production philosophy. This is how the collaborations with international designers invited to interpret Natuzzi Italia’s living philosophy takes form. A mosaic of contemporary style, that leads those who observe it to get lost in its colours, light and beauty.


Natuzzi Italia research is driven by total design solutions that pursue harmony in every product and space we create. At this stage harmony takes shape into spaces creating engaging and immersive experiences, through integrated and contextualized furnishing solutions identified according to individual needs.

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the harmony chain

We monitor every step in our manufacturing process from design to delivery to your address.


Natuzzi Italia invites international designers to translate the identity of the brand: the relation with Apulia and its spirit, the elegance, the comfort and the harmony.


leather, fabrics, marbles, metals and woods are expressions of our research and passion for materials.

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