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His strong fascination with creativity roots back to his early childhood years, growing up with his father Mario Bellini, a pioneer of contemporary design.

Claudio Bellini (1963) architect, designer and art director, lives and works in Milan. In 1996 he established Claudio Bellini, a Milan based multidisciplinary design studio shaped by a deep understanding of design process. This was the turning point of his career as he built his own distinctive brand. The core of his design approach considering the demands of growing global markets is based on the harmony of beauty and efficiency.

“Now, I am a world citizen with an Italian soul”.

His global vision and capability of understanding the dynamics of various cultures and markets - supported by a talented multinational team - expanded the studio with over hundred clients from Far East to America and brought recognition as one of the most influential European design practises all around the world. ,

Peculiar sensibility for different culture

He always has the passion to pass his knowledge to the young generations by giving conferences all around the world and by being a professor in furniture design at Genova University for several years. By the time of progress, Claudio Bellini evolved as a famed designer, but he kept his curiosity that allows him to be enthusiastic about every phase of design process. He has an open-minded attitude, combined with a peculiar sensibility for different culture and historical heritage. ,

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