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designed in Italy by Natuzzi Design Center

The shape of lightness

A model with an unmistakable design, characterized by a light, distinctive look: the armrest has a original wing shape and is finished by a border around the edge. The sofa rests on two metal bridges with a sophisticated, elegant design, available in a unique matt black finish.
Natuzzi editorial - The shape of lightness

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16 available configurations. view allPresets 1

  • Preset default image - Leggiadro Love seat - Fabric

    Leggiadro Love seat - Fabric

    cm W 170 x H 79/103* x D 109
    (*/max open)

  • Preset default image - Leggiadro Sofa - Fabric

    Leggiadro Sofa - Fabric

    cm W 236 x H 79/103* x D 109
    (*/max open)

  • Preset default image - Leggiadro Three seater sofa - Fabric

    Leggiadro Three seater sofa - Fabric

    cm W 284 x H 79/103* x D 109
    (*/max open)

  • Preset default image - Leggiadro Armchair - Fabric

    Leggiadro Armchair - Fabric

    cm W 112 x H 79/103* x D 109
    (*/max open)

Floating comfort

Thanks to the optional relax mechanism, you can adjust the position of the headrest and footrest. In this way, you can customize your relaxation position and enjoying your comfort.
Natuzzi editorial - Floating comfort

Natuzzi Design Center

Natuzzi has chosen to bring its idea of harmony also to the world of interiors, playing between contemporary aesthetics and functionality. Imagining new shapes and colours, fixing them on paper with a sketch, and then transforming them into something concrete: all of this is the Natuzzi Design Center.

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Coverings are available in a wide range of fabrics and leather varieties.

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  • covering 3

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