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создано Natuzzi Design Center

Eastern Las Vegas

Macao is called the "Eastern Las Vegas", because the game, along with tourism, drives the economy of the place, visited every year by millions of people from all over the world. It’s precisely at the largest casino in the world - the Grand Lisboa, one of the most famous and iconic buildings of the city - that its namesake sofa is inspired, starting from the design of the armrests, so slender and extroverted.

Natuzzi editorial - Eastern Las Vegas
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Personalized comfort

Along with the high back and the wide seats, they make Macao a true monument to hospitality and personalized comfort. The options are multiplied by the various positions of the headrest and armrests, which conceal an adjustable ratchet that always offers the ideal support.

Natuzzi editorial - Personalized comfort

Everything to improve versatility

Macao is available in leather or fabric, in more than 100 colours,  ,with legs in both metal (black glossy chromed finishing) or wood (walnut or wengè finishing).

Natuzzi editorial - Everything to improve versatility

Natuzzi Design Center

Компания Natuzzi решила привнести свою идею гармонии в мир интерьеров, отыскав баланс между современной эстетикой и функциональностью. Придумывать новые формы и цвета, фиксировать их на бумаге в виде эскиза, а затем воплощать в жизнь: все эти задачи успешно выполняет Design Center Natuzzi.

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Доступен широкий ассортимент тканей и кожи.

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