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An architect, art director, designer and teacher, she is a professional whose lively eclecticism is reflected in each of her creations.

After graduating from Politecnico di Torino, in 1973 she began her career working with the leading designers of the time. In 1983 she won the Osaka International Design Award, and from then on her career has continued to grow. Her creativity is inspired by all types of culture, particularly those from the Far East, and she produces strongly original designs rich in skillful international contaminations.

Citizen of the world

She is insatiably curious about other cultures and looks to travelling as a means to fuel her imagination and find inspiration, travel is what gratifies her most, and, in addition to habitually crossing geographical borders, she also customarily pushes back frontiers in other areas. In the course of her extensive career, she has slipped effortlessly from one professional role to another (art director, designer, architect, essayist, interior
designer, teacher and curator of exhibitions and events), displaying not only her aptitude for an extremely exciting eclecticism, but also the prolific nature of her work. ,

Timeless harmony

And it was her love for the traditional and classical forms of home furnishings
that led to the first partnership with Natuzzi in 2010 when the I Fondamentali collection
came into being, this was a set of armchairs and sofas which drew inspiration from
historical drawings that we are all familiar with, but were refreshed with a modern spin. It is a prime example of timeless harmony - as is her new project which responds to Pasquale Junior Natuzzi’s invitation to join the Circle of Harmony and create a collection which is a blend of unique designs and a tribute to Mediterranean lifestyle.

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