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Embrace Comfortness

Shape life with Natuzzi

Comfortness Vision / Manifesto

For over 65 years we have been pursuing and reinventing comfort in all its forms and functions.
Today we have raised the bar in research, pioneering a new philosophy: COMFORTNESS, the fusion of comfort and wellness, to make people's lives better.

We believe in the strength and well-being that only comfort can give.
We claim back the quality of our time. We dream of a world that can combine beauty with utility, comfort with design, dreams with the realities of life.

Comfort is intimate, personal: once found, it will be a valuable companion in life.
It is the new luxury.  We are the perfect result of our long heritage and our capacity to innovate.
The skilled hands of our artisans, day after day have fused functionality and design to give us timeless comfort.

Natuzzi editorial - Comfortness Vision / Manifesto

Embrace Comfortness

Shape life with Natuzzi

Natuzzi editorial designer

The new Well-being


Comfortness is a new way of thinking about well-being in the home – not only from a physical perspective but a visual and mental one too.

It means to live in a space which not only makes you feel relaxed, but brings you a deeper sense of well-being and the strength to embracethe world with warmth and generosity. Comfortness is the Natuzzi Italia’s way of understanding life and every design from this collection is born from this philosophy.

Materials in Harmony


Style Center, where Harmony comes to life

Natuzzi has chosen to bring its idea of Harmony and Comfortness also to the world of interiors, achieving a balance between contemporary aesthetics and functionality, materials and colors, between textures and graphic signs, seeking to create spaces and dwellings where Harmony, elegance and beauty reign, in every detail.
Our Natuzzi Style Center works every day on research: new materials and new proposals to translate beauty, creativity and harmony into Natuzzi DNA.


In search of new forms and colours

The pursuit of perfect Harmony is the secret of Comfortness. It is from this premise that the Natuzzi Style Center tirelessly studies and defines new criteria, wisely combining the finest materials in an infinite variety of shapes and colors, in which beauty is highlighted and lives together and in a seamless balance beetwen visual and sensorial comfort.

The expert's point of view


"Scientific studies have shown that long periods of sitting are linked to obesity, cardiovascular disease, and musculoskeletal problems.

We’re seated for one third of our life span and being seated for such a long time isn’t healthy.

I believe that our choice of sofa should not only be guided by aesthetics, but by well-being too. It should be a choice based on accurate scientific rules of posture."


➖ Charles Bark

AI eHealth PhD Researcher.
Top 100 Technology Pioneer for preventive Healthy Longevity at Home.

Technology for the modern lifestyle


A new era for comfort

Through the innovative use of features such as adjustable reclining mechanisms, sliding mechanisms, soft touch and many more, we’ve reimagined the concept of relaxation for the modern lifestyle.
Technologies that enable customised comfort, movements tailored to the user’s posture or micromovements for the well-being of the body, to name but a few, are all innovations with a single purpose, to provide moments of pure relaxation and indulgence for a redefined comfort experience.


Craftsmanship Meets Innovation

Natuzzi Italia, has understood that true comfort goes beyond the mere physical sensation – it’s an immersive experience that encompasses both body and mind. That’s why we meticulously curated the Comfortness Collection, a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation. From the finest quality materials to expertly tailored finishes, every aspect of our furniture reflects the rich heritage of Mediterranean style. But what truly sets the Comfortness Collection apart is the seamless integration of advanced technology, elevating the comfort quotient to new heights.

Comfortness is not an idea born overnight, but an evolution, a research that began a long time ago and that sees, from year to year, the addition of new technologies and new tools to convey maximum comfort and absolute well-being.

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